5 Ways to Manage Your Business via a Smart Phone

A smart phone is an essential part of the every day life. Smart phones are used daily for communication, marketing, entertainment, scheduling, monetary purposes, and much more. With smart phones being the modern day computers, there are multiples ways to run your business in your hand. Here are 5 ways to manage your business via a smart phone:

1. Create A mobile office

Creating a mobile office is a key component to managing your business. Go Paperless! The many applications like: Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, give users the capability to store files in a drive to access from multiple devices. Portable printers and scanners are accessories that will also help the success of your business. Whether it’s scanning in hard copies or creating a virtual filing cabinet, these accessories will benefit with managing finances, printing out agendas, budgeting, bookkeeping, etc.

2. Mobile Assistant on the go

Most business owners depend on personal assistants to stay on task with planning and scheduling events. Scheduling and planning events on your smart phone can be as simple as saying commands to an AI voice assistant. Siri, Google Now, and Cortona are three popular AI voice assistants that are accessible from either an Apple, Android, or Microsoft smart phone. This ai can allow users to set reminders, check availability, schedule appointments and calls, send messages, and so much more.

3. Marketing Through social media

Social media marketing is the most popular source of marketing today, and it can all be set up from a smart phone. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, marketing through social media is all accessed from the user’s mobile applications and websites. Start a business account on Facebook and create events to spread the word about your business. Link this business account with your Instagram account to cut back on the number posts that need to made with each social media platform. Now, tie it all in with Twitter to make an all-in-one delivery service for publishing posts. Save drafts for later and schedule posts to make it easer to stay on time with posts.

4. Track your business activity

How do you currently keep track of your business activity? Do you have a ledger to keep up with all financial records? All business activity can be kept from a mobile smart phone. Create spread sheets and charts to keep up with budgets, transactions, invoices, receipts, or any other document needed to track your business. Applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets help make this possible.

5. Does your business have an app?

You have everything you need to manage your business, but you want a way to put your product and/or services in customers’ hands. Start by getting a web/mobile application. A web and mobile application is an easy way to spread your work across multiple platforms for visitors. With the services that HD2Technology provide, let our services give you the website and mobile application to expand and manage your business to its full potential.

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