We came to take technology to the next level!”

HD2 Technology prides itself on implementing and producing the highest quality of “High Definition” technology to the Nth degree.

Horace Design and Develop Technology LLC, HD2, is a new and innovative development company that brings a personal touch and feel to all of your needs. HD2 is born out of Birmingham, AL and has grown to collaborate on various projects across the US. Our goal is to design and develop your idea with the latest technology. Our services bring a new meaning to what you consider greatness and prides ourself on delivering the best.  Stay tuned with the latest technology and updates on new innovations coming soon.

Allow us to introduce the face behind Horace Design & Develop Technology LLC.

Nehemiah Horace is the proud founder and CEO of HD2Technology. With aspirations of breaching the evolution of technology, he studies the history of technology and the mindset of the most profound inventors. He has worked on numerous iOS and mobile applications, websites, UI/UX design, flyers, logos, etc. He uses his skills to enhance the technological and digital experience to upcoming generations.

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